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    Add Simple Social Sharing Buttons Below Your Blogger Posts - V1

    Social media buttons is a great way to boosting your blog traffic. The shares of your blog content made through these social buttons circulate over different social networks will help your blog engaged with long term traffic. Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest all offer JavaScript that they'd LOVE for you to add to your site. Tracking is one of the reasons that they'd love you to add these. That may or may not be a strong reason not to add their JavaScript, but a concrete reason not to is speedThis widget uses a total of 25 Icons but believe it or not it is super-fast and loads with in seconds.

    Let's go write now: 

    1. Log in to blogger
    2. Go to template and click "Expand template"
    3. Find this code (CTRL + F ) ]]></b:skin>
    4. Just above him, add next code:

    Now find this one code: <div class='post-footer'> and next code (below) add just after this 

    Save template and that's all

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