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    How to remove "Quick Edit" icon from blogger

    You may have seen a pen, screwdriver and key links to blogger. You may think that these symbols appear only when you are logged into your blog. But if you look directly from your browser, then you will find a bunch of "quick edit" links on your blog, even if you are not logged. These are quick links (shortcuts), they are hidden using the CSS if you are not logged into your Blogger (but they are still present in your blog as hidden links).

    Many bloggers bothered by the presence of these screws, pencil, etc. ... and here's how to get rid of:

    1. Always login to blogger 
    2. Go to Layout  --> Page Elements and click on the Edit Button to Blog Posts 
    3. There you will find this:

        Since this is the default setting tick, you click on it and remove the mark, check mark.
        Now go like this: Template> Edit HTML and click - check the box "Expand your Widget Templates"
        Find this code (Ctr + F, click both buttons together and look for what you like)
        ]]> </ b: skin>
        Immediately above it, add the following code:


        Simple, isn't it.
        Click "Save Template" & that's it. If you want to restore all of this again, just go to layout and check the stylus and everything is the same as before. If it is helpful, I am really glad. Thanks for reading and happy blogging.

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