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    How to Embed Facebook Post in Blogger

    Facebook recently launched a new thing called the "Embed Post" that the long-waited product for their customers. Even Twitter and YouTube have the same product for " installation, expansion , however , Tweets and videos on the Web site. Many users of social networks claim that Facebook copied very slowly as opposed to others. They even have a # hashtag too.

    Now you can embed any Facebook post on your blog. You can embed status, videos, images and web pages. Anyway, new thing can help readers of the blog very easily so they would not go on facebook for every little thing. Warmly recommended.

    The new thing has the ability to set any post from Facebook page or individual timeline. Note: Only publicly visible because they can be installed (embed)  into your blog - the other one,  private posts are not allowed. Shows Likes, comments and sharing. 

    Example how it Looks

    For all this, see Facebook Developers - Thanks and Happy Blogging

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