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    Add a Simple CSS3 jQuery Drop Down Meny

    First, it's cery easy to make and second, it's nice. Third... let's see how is working. This is best for black backgrounds but it's totally irelevant, you can place it wherever you want.
    First demo and then let's make in two easy steps. Maybe you will have to modify something like a widht, pading but that's easy, wright.

    Live Demo

    How to make in two easy step? Well... here you go:
    1. Find this code ( as ussual it's ]]></b:skin>) and press CTRL + F
    2.Next code add just above, above red colored:

    3. Now go to "Layout" >Add gadget>HTML/JavaScript and add this code

    Save and you are done. That's all, happy blogging :) 

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