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    Social Widget - 4 in 1

    Your first priority should always be Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin and Feedburner for social subscription widget. All these social media, play well in circulating your content over a wide range of visitors. Social Media is a non-stoppable engine, which, if driven correctly and carefully can bring tons of valuable traffic each visitor worth a dollar. You should always encourage your readers to share, like, pin your post or articles. provides the best sharing, social, recommended content, and conversion tools to help you make your website smarter.

    How to install:

    1. Log into your blogger account
    2. Design --> Edit HTML
    3. Copy this code bellow and past before
    </body> tag

    Save template:

    Now add widget:

    Layout--> Page Elements --> Add Gadget
    Choose "HTML/JavaScript"
    Add Code Beloow and Change URL to Your URL

    Click  "Save" - That's All.

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