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    10 Celebrities Who Are Actually Awesome in Real Life

    Most celebrities get a bad rap for being selfish, wasteful or superficial. However, just because most famous celebrities seem to be too self-involved to care about others in this world, doesn’t make it true! Some people with fame and fortune take time out of their lives (and money out of their wallet) to help the less fortunate; they are truly awesome! Below are some of the most kind-hearted celebrities known for helping those in need, you may be surprised by some of the people you see!
    One of them even volunteered as a firefighter during the 9/11 terrorist attacks… you’ll never guess who!
    Anne Hathaway kindly visits a little girl at the New York–Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital.
    President Barack Obama cheers up the survivors of the horrible Newtown, CT, shootings.

    Professional wrestler John Cena goes out of his way to make sure a little fan with leukemia has the time of his life.

    Jennifer Lopez brings smiles to the faces of many kids in the Children’s Hospital of San Diego, CA.
    Even the littlest of patients is cheered up by JLo, a little boy fighting cancer!
    Happy Hollywood couple Eliza Dushku and Rick Fox walk to raise money for the Children’s Hospital in Boston, MA.
    During the walk, Eliza took time to clown around with some of her smallest fans! :)
    During 9/11, ex-firefighter Steve Buscemi volunteered with his old department, not even telling news crews of his amazing act of kindness.
    After the tragic Dark Knight Rises shooting in Denver, Colorado, the star of the movie Christian Bale visits victims that were injured.
    A young girl has a smile on her face because movie star Chris Evans visited her at the Children’s Hospital in LA!
    Bradley Cooper visits Jeffrey Bauman, a man who tragically lost his legs during the Boston Marathon bombing.
    Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds try to cheer up sick kids at the Health Sciences North pediatric unit in Ontario, Canada.

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