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    How to Remove "Comment Box Form" from blogger blog in Static Pages

    What is exactlly "Coment Box Form?" Well, that's the box you have by default in blogger, just a simple comment box form. Personally, I use "Disqus" Comment Box Form because you can add any file, posts, pictures, video... and design is much much better and it's FREE. But that is for post pages. Anyway, you can add "Disqus" manually to each static page, just add URL of page and past under content. But if you want to remove on static, how to do it? Ectually, it's easiest then you think. It's still in blogger, you didn't remove permanently so you can always back if you need or if you like it.

    What is it? It is picture bellow, nothing else.
    Let's remove, step by step. It's so easy, believe me.

    1. First, choose page you wanna remove comment box ( if you have more pages or if you wanna remove from the specific page).

    2. Click"Edit" like on picture:

    3. Now go to "Page settings" and click options:

    4. Next step will hide "Comments" and that's all.

    By default, "Allow" is always option. 

    You click 3th. option ( Don't allow, hide existing ) That's it
    If you want to get back, just click "Allow" and there will be again "Comment Box Form"

    If you want, you can take a look at my page HTML Generator because it's easy and simply... no need to be there, just make unnessesery space. 
    I hope and I would really like that this helped you. Wish you Happy Blogging.

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