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    Add "Animated Flash Clock" to Your Blogger

    A new hack, we're "picked up" some stuff from the web. Now we present a few clocks that you can add to your blog, of course, they will give very beautiful looking to your blog and at least has a practical function and that is that you can always see what time it is. I know, now you'l say "So we have it on Windos, or the phone," but again, this is thing exclusively for blogs and forums, so why not add it to the forum? You have the code, and you have alljust to post to forum. Not my hack. It is taken from the blog 24work.blogspot and tested on all browsers. You just copy the code and add it to the blog. Do you know how to add or should I explain?wink

    1. First, select the clock 
    2. Click on "Get Code" because it does not work automatically add 
    3. Copy the code

    Animated Flash Clock Widget Generator For Blogger

    Animated Flash Clock Widget Generator For Blogger

    Select a Type of Widget

    Widget Title :

    : Px
    : Px

    Copyright © 2014 All Rights Rserved by 24work @ Free Flash Clock

    4. Paste your code here

    Prvo kliknite "Add a gadget"

    Izaberite HTML/JavaScript

    That's all, Happy Blogging friends

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