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    Book Store PrestaShop Theme to Blogger Template

    Books Planet #37364 is Book Store Prestashop template designed by Hermes. The current wood-textured books store design incorporates all novelty design trends showcasing the products range as if standing o shelves and thus making the process of shopping more tangible and real.

    This Theme has converted by Uong Jowo for Blogger template.

    How to use this template ? Follow this instruction :

    1.                On Dashboard go to "Settings".
    2.                Select "Formatting". 
    3.                Find this "Post Template" box.
    4.                Copy & paste this code :

    <div> upload image

    <div class="product-shop">
    <div class="simpleCart_shelfItem">
    <span class="item_price">$99.99 </span>           
      <h2 class="item_name">Book Edition</h2>

    <p><input type="text" class="item_quantity" value="1" />
      <a href="javascript:;" class="item_add" ></a></p>
    <p> Description here...            

    5. Save

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