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    How to add popup window in blogger?

    How to add popup window in blogger? Well answer is preety much same for all platforms, including wordpress, joomla or some site you made custom.
    Few words about it:
    JavaScript has three kind of popup boxes: Alert box, Confirm box, and Prompt box.

    Also you have to know positions the popup over the link that opens it. 
    But let's try with JavaScript. Works everywhere and you can use JavaScript to create popup windows. Popup windows are different to simply opening a new browser window.

    This is on click "Opening Popup"
    Here is the basic script for generating a popup window:

    This is flat and responsive template & button is a little more "Plastic" but works great. On every template looks normal and smooth button.

    This is "Link open popup"
    Open a popup window

    To create a JavaScript prompt, you use the prompt() method. Here's an example:

    To create a JavaScript alert box, you use the alert() method. Here's an example:

    I hope you like it, if you want more, like, write, share, whatever you want. Happy blogging dear friends.

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