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    How to install Animated Tag Cloud

    How to install Tag Cloud or Blogumus (Animated Tag Cloud)

    Instaling of Blogumus is very simple! You just need to copy this code and that's all. You can see my demo, but I have a little tags, so you will see just a few of them. Off course, if you have more tags normally it will look better.
    You need to have instaled Flash player too, to see this widget 

    Live Demo
    How to Install Blogumus to your Blogger: 
    Go toTemplate>> HTML and find next line ( or similar ):

    <b:section class='sidebar' id='sidebar' preferred='yes'>
    Just after this, add next code:


    All you wanna change, find in a code above, if you want to change the color you can use color hex generator, you can use mine, I have 2.
    •  Width is 240px
    •  Height is set to 300px;
    •  Background color is white
    •  Font size is 12 px

    ·          WP Cumulus plugin  

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