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    “Envy” MPT Subscribe Box For Blogger And WordPress

    The subscribe box uses pure HTML5 and CSS3 effects to enhance its look. 

    The widget is supported (with effects) in all popular browsers:

    1.     Google Chrome
    2.     Mozilla Firefox
    3.     Opera
    4.     IE8+
    5.     Safari
    6.     And others

    Live Demo:


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    The installation of this subscribe box is quite easy. Just follow these steps for Blogger.

    • Go to Blogger > Layout 
    • Click on Add A New Widget > HTML/Javascript 
    • Paste the following code in the box:

    •  Replace ekWMe with your feedburner feed ID.
    •  That's it! Save the widget and it should work like a charm.

    • Go to WordPress Admin > Appearance.
    • Drag a text widget.
    • Paste the following content in it:

    • Replace MPT-Network with your feedburner feed ID.
    • Done! Check your site and you won't be disappointed with the results!

    h/t My Premium Tricks

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