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    Create a widget to add a link to your blog

    In this article we’ll show you how to create a widget (code segment) so that your visitors only have to press a button to add a link to your blog on their own.

    1. Go to "Layout" tab
    2. Add a "HTML/Javascript" element in the section you wanna have the button.
    3. Set the title as "Add us", or any text you want for the button. You can leave it blank too, it will add some default text.
    4. Paste the following code in the "Content" field:

    Here you have to make some changes:

    http://YOURBLOG.blogspot.com – Your blog’s address.

    YOUR BLOG – Your blog’s name or an image’s code. It willl be shown in the Blogroll of the one who’s adding you.

    Add YOURBLOG to the Blogroll – The message you wanna show on the button.

    This code work for another CMS or webs, but it only can be added by Blogger’s users.

    Save the changes an it’s done.

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