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    Stylish and Customized Feedburner Subscription box for blogger and wordpress

    Feedburner is a free newsletter service from Google that works fine for some of bloggers like us but the Subscription box Feedburner provide doesn’t look impressive to blog visitors and they don’t interact with it.

    Using a stylish and customized Feedburner subscription box is a smart way to convert visitors into loyal blog readers. The subscription box I am going to share with you will surely encourage visitor’s action and you’ll get more blog subscribes, that will ultimately increase traffic to your blog.

    Feedburner Subscription Box Code
    Copy the following subscription box code and insert it into your blog or theme. You have to make sure that you should change my Feedburner username (i.e. ekWMe) to yours so that your visitors could subscribe to your feeds not mine! This subscription box can be used with both blogger (blogspot) and wordpress. Also, you can send this Feedburner subscribe box in Email too!


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