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    5 Cool Recent Post Widgets for Blogger - by helplogger

    Adding a recent post widget for Blogger helps to reduce the dependency on email marketing, because you don't have to send out an email just to let people know you made a new post. Instead, it updates automatically for everyone to see. You can then use this information to design scheduled email newsletters, and take advantage of what's often referred to as the 'Twitter effect' where audiences will regularly check back on your site for the possibility that new posts are available. Without this, you force people to do run their own search for information and content, increasing the likelihood that they'll leave the site and hurt your bounce rate.

    1. Log in to blogger and Go to Design >Page Element

    2.Click Add a Gadget' and select as 'HTML/Javascript

    3.Choose 1 style from below and paste it.

    Style 1 

    Style 1

    Style 2

    Style 3

    Style 4

    Style 5

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