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    How to turn off the most boring option on YouTube

    You do not have to reach deep into the menu of YouTube site and its settings, do it instantly, with a single click and turn off AutoPlay!
    YouTube is in its discretion allow the AutoPlay feature that automatically continues with the next broadcasting videos based on what you have looked at. Let's say you watched the new video of a favorite band and after it, even if you didn't want to, it's moving to a new video and broadcasting.

    So far, option of excluding this automated process had to perform in Settings tab of the site, and now you can do it immediately - on the video player. See picture above, look for autoplay, which is located on the right side of the site or just below the YouTube video player and simply click on the blue check box - that turns gray after switching. That's it - YouTube will no longer play video after video, you will also be able to decide whether you will or will not continue listening and watching music or other content.

    This is "simple" advice, but many users asked why emerged this option and how to switch off because it is the introduced  by YouTube without questions and information for users

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