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    10 Best Music WordPress Themes For Bands & Musicians

    With musicians utilizing every ounce of social media and online influence they can muster, it’s important that they also have access to affordable websites, built to showcase their best assets. Since bands, composers, festivals, and solo artists are busy writing, creating and organizing music, there’s little time to learn the skills needed to create a fully functioning website.
    There’s a few solutions to this conundrum. On one hand you can pay for a designer to set everything up. On the other, you can take advantage of free software like WordPress and compliment it with a pre-built theme, specific to your needs.

    1. Artist of The Year
    Artist of The Year is a theme with the focus mainly on your content. The featured slider area sits prominently at the top of the website, providing the perfect place to display your images and advertise your latest hits. The theme then follows a 2-column layout with blog excerpts down the left and a right-hand sidebar. This gives users easy access to news, updates and events as they’re published.

    Rockon is a responsive WordPress Theme powered by the popular Redux theme options Framework. While this theme is very much a multipurpose one, there’s a heavy musical influence that makes it ideal for musicians.

    3. MusicHub
    One of the incredibly useful features of MusicHub is the ability to list your own events on your website. Via three easy-to-use modules, artists can publish events and sell tickets to their shows as a simple list, a list with months and a style gallery. As well as listing events you can also sell your albums and songs, which is great for independent musicians after something a little more individual

    4. Music
    Music is a WordPress theme created by the Themify team. Unlike some of the previous themes, Music uses Themify’s own page builder to create an unlimited number of pages and layouts, with drag and drop functionality. There’s even a video showing exactly how it works for users who are unfamiliar with it.


    5. Dark N Gritty Evolved
    Musicians will enjoy the simple functionality of the Dark N Gritty theme. Upon entering the demo, you’re instantly hit with a featured video which is ideal for sharing your latest music video. Above the fold on the homepage, you have a carousel of different site sections for displaying your content. The header area is big and bold, while navigation is easy to see at a glance.

    6. Colibri
    Colibri is a WordPress theme for busy musicians suited to Bands, DJs, Singers and more. The main focus of this theme is on Social Media. With the knowledge that Social Media is important to many musicians, Colibri was created with this as an integral feature. This allows musicians to update their websites on the go, without having to do so with just the conventional blog post.

    7. Angkloong
    Angkloong is a bold WordPress theme designed to make an impact. As a multi-purpose theme, it’s well suited to a variety of musicians, festivals and events to help showcase the latest news to your audience. The homepage can be customized to display photos, videos and even a subscribe from – making it the perfect place to capture leads.

    8. Night
    Night takes a different approach to WordPress theme design and functionality. While like many of the themes on this list it incorporates creative use of texture, Night does this to the extreme with a blend of textures and colors to compliment its purpose. The website’s tone can be set as either Midnight – dark navy, to Colorblind – grey.

    9. Chords
    Chords is a theme for WordPress that focuses on entertainment in general. This makes it great for users with the need for a site that can handle multimedia – especially musicians. The theme ships with a widget system enabling you to design pages using drag and drop functionality. No messing about with code here, just drag elements to your page and customize.

    10. IndieFest
    The next theme in this roundup is IndieFest, a bright, visually striking theme that’s ideal for making a bold statement. This band theme has a classic content and sidebar layout, featuring a huge header area and chunky navigation section. It’s also a WordPress theme with lots of customization potential, featuring 8 backgrounds, 17 main colors and 15 accent colors.

    11. Hernan
    On the outside Hernan looks simple, easy to navigate with a clean design, however on the inside it’s functionality can rival many of the WordPress themes on this list. From the outset you’re met with a sleek header area, displaying large images in a slider. Beneath your latest posts, news and events are displayed next to right oriented sidebar.

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