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    15 + Premium Responsive Best Tumblr Themes 2015

    For the improvement of your web work and to help you, this article will focus on the most helpful, easy and attractive Tumblr themes that would beautify your work. Each and every theme mentioned in this article, contains unique styles and feature so that you can select the best suitable one for your site or blogs.

    Focus is the simple and very easy handling Tumblr theme that is designed to present your data and useful content in a very easy way in any kind of device without any hurdle. The theme gives unlimited colors and background images so that you can select the best one suiting your content.

    All those who are running visual data, galleries, handcraft shops and other related things, Pop Gallery is the best source to present their work in the best possible way. The theme brings very clean and easy design with different thumbnails that separate your new, sold and reserved items.

    Catalog is a complete, simple and eye catching theme that presents your photos, videos, audios and other contents in a catalog view. Your posts are presented in a thumbnail format and the viewers can see more contents by clicking those thumbnails. It is highly optimized and responsive theme that works great in any device.

    Foundation is a highly responsive Tumblr theme that is best suitable for all kinds of sites whether it is a blog, portfolio or business site. With great social sharing support and sliders options the theme fits to all your requirements.

    Admiral is a simple but stylish Tumblr theme. It has a unique style that is suitable for writers as well as readers. The features of this theme are highly customizable and it contains great options that fulfill your requirements.

    Glide is a highly responsive Tumblr theme that gives a great platform to all kinds of web users. It is best suitable for all kinds of sites and blogs ranging from photography to business. Whether you are an expert web user or you are new in this field, Glide supports you in both cases.

    Pierre is a unique, stylish but clean theme that is designed to highlight your content before the visitors. It has a great support to the social media. The theme has great features and highly customizable options and since it is highly responsive it gives a great look in all devices.

    Neat is a unique and clean Tumblr theme that brings a great look especially for pictures blogs. The theme brings unique features of scroll that would amaze your visitors. The window size can easily be customized for each post.

    Affection is a classy and stylish tumblr theme that gives your desktop around 1000 pixels and in other devices like tables and Smartphone, it reduces its resolution very nicely. The theme is designed under Foundation 3 framework that makes the theme highly responsive.

    Persona is an easy and simple tumblr theme. It provides a great solution to all those who possess attractive and creative skills such as photographers and writers. It is available with more than 70 different customizable options that allow you to maintain your site as you want.

    Mason is built to present your content in masonry view style. Your viewers find it easy to read your content and view your page without any interruption. Mason is based on ajax page loading.

    Flat is a simple and easy multipurpose theme that is designed for all kinds of business blogging. The theme is highly customizable. It gives you option to change, hide or show the elements, images, sliders of your site and manage your page as you want.

    Simon is a simple and very easy Tumblr theme. You can easily customize your site with easy options. The theme is highly responsive so that you get a perfect view of the theme in any device.

    Rapture is a highly responsive multipurpose Tumblr theme. The theme is perfect for all kinds of sites and blogs including, Personal blogs, portfolio or business blogs. It highlights your work in a showcase slider.

    Pandora is the simple and highly responsive Tumblr theme. It has very attractive features that would best suit your site. The key features include fluid layout, infinite scrolling, Logo, sidebars and many more.

    Luomo is a highly responsive Tumblr theme that is especially designed to showcase your content in a very stylish design. The users get complete control on the site and can customize it as he wants.

    Optic is the best theme for any kind of blogs. It is a highly responsive theme suitable for highlighting your artworks. The theme brings awesome styles that are helpful to showcase your data in a very attractive way.

    Benvolio is the simple and easy business Tumblr theme that is suitable for all kinds of posts. Highly customizable options and attractive features make it more attractive for the users as well as for their viewers.

    Twisting is a highly responsive portfolio Tumblr theme that highlights your content in a very beautiful manner. It is suitable for any kinds of posts. It is a light and attractive theme with awesome features that would beautify your content.

    Forma is a very attractive Tumblr theme that is especially designed to focus on your real content and to present it in a more attractive way. You get complete control on your site and your viewers feel it very easy to view your content.

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