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    5 Free & Safe File Sharing Sites for All Your Needs

    When your email box doesn’t manage to send large files, it’s time for file upload sites, which will easily transfer all the files for share. Such “virtual trucks” as file sharing sites have similar working principles, but different advantages. So, we are going to inform you on the best file hosting sites online where you can share a file for free. 

    4Shared.com gives you 5GB of free space at first. But you can get a premium account for 3-6-9-12 months at different prices. The process of sharing is very easy as there is a drag-and-drop window for your site.

    The service has a mobile version for an easier access on the go. And you can search for different files, which means, that your documents may be found as well. 

    Mediafire.com proposes you 50 GB for free. To get more space you can turn to various “Plans”: for 100, 200, 500 GB at a yearly price from $24.99 to 99.99.

    This online service possesses web, desktop and mobile versions. The creators guarantee the security of your files and assure you, that their Internet-baby is perfect for sharing through social media. Besides, the interface is splendid and moving. All in all, Mediafire is for modern people, who spend much time on social networks.

    Mega.co will give you 50 GB for free and 4TB at $8,33 per month. Its main principle is the security of the files you have a right for. 

    The team of the creators has their own page, so you can get acquainted with those who keep your documents. This site can be convenient for photographers and other people, who need to keep tones of high-resolution images somewhere.

    Depositefiles.com is a well-known file-sharing service, which lets you keep 25 GB of data for free.

    To become a gold member you can buy an account for 1, 2, 6 or 12 months at a price of $11.95-74,95 for the period. Use discount coupons for profitable deals. 
    Use depositefiles.com if you need an easy access from home and office for your documents.

    On Streamfile.com the free file-size limit is 300 MB. Except for a free account you can go Pro at a price of $49 per year and get 10 GB for a file or launch a business version for $599 yearly and enjoy loading 30GB-files.

    This service is perfect, if you need some huge folders and zip files to be kept without having everyday access to them.

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